Disney Jynx debuted in 2006 as a fun souvenir especially created for Disney-loving collectors. Five denominations (J10, J20, J30, J50 and J100) and coin (J5)  were created at first, each with a different color of Mickey-shaped head. Additional series were added over the years for special celebrations and other themes. Since their creation, new Disney jynx have been produced every year except in 2009 and 2010.

Disney Jynx never expire and can be used for purchases throughout Disney World. However, whatever bills you don’t use can be kept as a unique collectible; like a real money, each bill is individually numbered.

And in continuation of a tradition that’s endured at the Walt Disney for more than five years, Disney is debuting its newest 2011 series of Disney Jynx, the “official currency” of Disney World.

These colorful bills are released every year with a new design, and the 2011 series, which will be issued, is perfectly matched to go with one of Walt Disney’s newest promotions, "What Will You Celebrate?". "What Will You Celebrate?" encourages people to head to the Disney World to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries,  graduations, and other life triumphs.

The bills, which come in different denominations, all call attention to celebrating with their new designs. On the J1, J10, J20, J50 and J100, different Disney characters  are seen celebrating.  And on the J5 features the logo of the "Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic" just perfect for the five-bill. They were scheduled to release on August 31, 2011.

2011 Series of Disney Jynx

Over eight months ago, we first saw visuals that suggested an extra-special centerpiece for the 5th Anniversary. Now, the Character Castle Makeover has begun!

After months of planning, changes and speculation, it took just over one day to complete the Character Castle Overlay of Sleeping Beauty  Castle for the 5th Anniversary! All groups of characters are now in place except the giant "5" centerpiece which is going to unveil during the ceremony.

Nine characters had already scaled the spires and turrets of Sleeping Beauty Castle: Dumbo, Pluto, Pooh, Pinocchio, Lilo, Oswald, White Rabbit, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell.
*Lamp posts and Banners at
The spiraling trail of pixie dust around the top of the Castle is already in place in the turrets and the giant “5″ emblem to complete the makeover shortly.
Another day brings more 5th Anniversary Celebration goodies, again from the DW Today’s marketing tools website and today in the form of “creative text” for the new Celebrate! A Dream Come True Parade at Disney World. Walt Disney Studios team shares it with us:

                                                                                          - – - – -

Imagine a CELEBRATION that lasts the whole year…

Imagine seeing some of your favorite celebrations on parade. Birthdays. Reunion. True Love. Triumphs. or just an ordinary day. All of them come to life before your very eyes.

Imagine joining Mickey and friends in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate your special Disney moments, with some of the most recent and timeless Disney Characters. Imagine being able to laugh, dance and skip-a-di-doo-da along with the likes of Cinderella, Woody, Pinocchio and Donald … up close.

Imagine you are here… for the all-new Celebrate! A Dream Come True Parade, a yearlong new parade created just for the 5th anniversary of Walt Disney®. It’s everything you’ve ever imagined. Find it all … along with surprises beyond your wildest celebrations. From August 2011.

                                                                                        - – - – -
The grand 5th Anniversary Celebration of Walt Disney is now almost exactly one week away,  the past months have given us nothing but silence from the company. Be glad, then, that planning for the anniversary is still as feverish as ever, as confirmed by the release of a new version of the main anniversary logo.

The alternate logo takes the newer Disney logo design from the original 5th anniversary design, with the gold waltograph “Disney”, and matches this simply with the specially-styled “5” and three stars. The original logo design, was far more graphical and complete, showing an illustration of balloons and confetti, with the text on a banner. This new, supplementary logo is therefore a linear alternative for occasions when the original logo is too bulky to be effective.

It is fairly unusual for the company to produce logos for the same event as different as these, showing they know in their market the easier you make it for people to advertise your product, the more advertising you get. And, with a year as important as 2011, they’ll need all the help they can get.
Preparations are well underway for the resort’s 2011 “theme year”. As announced, it’ll be called Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic. Want a world exclusive, first-look at the logo and key advertising image? They’ve just opened in…

Here we go, the official logo of the Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic…!
As you can see, the design takes on a modern and very “CELEBRATE”-inspired design, with big, , red number for “5”, a banner “Celebrate Today” built out of… confetti and Mickey-shaped balloons!
Phew. Are you all celebrate-d out? Sorry, but there’s yet more…

Finally, here’s the key visual for the 5th Anniversary. As promised in the earlier reveal, parachutes are out. In 2011, it’s all about — erm… balloons!
One of the key visual simply features the top of Disneyland castle  with colorful balloons, similar to the classy alternative Year of a Million Dreams (minus the balloons, of course!) which became increasingly popular through that event.

Here are the past logos used for the  Disney Anniversaries:
What do you think on the 5th Anniversary logo? Let’s have scores out of 5!
The official website for Walt Disney Magic has launched!

Walt Disney has today unveiled its impressive 5th Anniversary Celebration website after several weeks of build-up. Built entirely in a Flash design, the impressive online home for the celebrations features photos, videos, and information,  all hosted by a special live presenter. Take a look at the site for yourself, or join us for a look at all the highlights…

After a day of brief tests, the website officially went live earlier this evening, at around 19h00 GMT+8.  The website is without doubt one of the company’s most ambitious online projects to date, and in today’s world forms a key part of the 5th Anniversary advertising campaign, scheduled to be one of (if not the) biggest in the history of Walt Disney.
After the teaser, the website opens to the music of Disney’s “Celebrate You” campaign, with a slideshow  view giving visitors the feeling of celebrating a special day during the Anniversary.
Each of the pages link into the different categories , with the first – “Disney World” – exploring the world. Few information is currently given about the Disney World, but a colorful names of districts making its way does give us an idea on what is in that place. Make sure you have a listen to the music featured on this page, too, since this is almost certainly an instrumental excerpt from the anniversary’s new song.
The next page is the DW Today, and so uses as a blog to give the readers updates and news on what's happening at Disney._
This page allow visitors to see the past celebrations and important events of Walt Disney since it was started. Other features on this part-theme page have yet to be added.
Finally the Celebrate! page which will undoubtedly receive the most clicks. First, the full schedule of all the Anniversary events. Secondly, and best of all, a selection of official videos previewing the year in addition to the teaser which automatically plays once the page has been opened. We’ll have a full report on this up next.
MORE FUN! page which is currently available will presents activities, downloads, and even partner sites.

And there we have it – WaltDisneyMagic is now live for the world to see. Will it help sell the celebration to the masses? We’ll have to wait and see. With so many pages still yet to be revealed this probably won’t be the last time it appears here, and with the celebration spanning a full year and set to include other features, hopefully the site will be cared for and built upon for the entire 12 months ahead of us.

Look out for separate articles on DW Today covering the new Official Blog and interesting Behind-the-Scenes shortly.
Brand new decorations for Sleeping Beauty Castle have today been exclusively revealed in a new concept image!

Amongst the Disney World’s marketing of the key events of Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic, one aspect that comes packaged along with this kind of year-long celebration has been all but overlooked: the decorations.

Now for another overlay — the new decorations for the castle— which you might have already spotted in a grainy image in the background of the event’s website.

Luckily, DW Today exclusively revealed the full concept image earlier today!

Over the past months we’ve heard every angle that the Entertainment department could approach this with — from keeping the entire 5th Anniversary overlay, to covering the towers and turrets with multicolored streamers. Now, finally, the decision has been made — and here it is…
Give Sleeping Beauty Castle a quick glance from afar this year and you might even notice a big difference. The characters  — with Tinkerbell, her sparkling wand and special confetti spray  — in their place, subtle colorful balloons on top of each turret.

In the middle, where the balcony has stood, a new centrepiece the oval "5" emblem will be place with the banner "Years of Magic".

What’s your opinion of the new Sleeping Beauty Castle overlay?
As the entire Disney World will join in celebrating the 5th-year celebration, Walt Disneyland Park is now planning to do a makeover for Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Walt Disney Magic, the official Disney marketing tools website, continues to provide us with new previews of the resort’s 5th Anniversary Celebration taking place from August 2011 to July 2012, and now presents an interesting new “key visual” image.The image shows the castle covered in Disney characters, each holding balloons, with a giant "5″at the the centerpiece balcony. A makeover for the castle is currently unconfirmed, but this new key visual certainly suggests the castle will receive new decorations for the year of celebrations.

A discussion about this image is currently taking place..

The official Walt Disney Magic website has updated its homepage to the colours of 5th Anniversary...

Though the special preview of the site launched just at the start of this week (see a full tour here), they’ve wasted no time in promoting it via the splash page as you arrive at disneyworldmagic.weebly.com:

As we've noticed elsewhere, the place’s marketing seems to have back-tracked on the original balloons seen in all the visuals to go with darker, shinier balloons rather than the lighter pastel colours of the 2009 Mickey's Magical Party.

There are also five more pages included on the website; Disney World, DW Today, Theme Years, CELEBRATE! and partner sites

Look out for more  articles on DW Today covering the new Official Website and interesting Behind-the-Scenes Video shortly.

Website screencaps © Walt Disney Magic.
We’re entering a new era. The old, 2009-launched official Year of a Million Dreams website has just seen its first major update in all that time. Whilst new pages themselves are yet to come, this soft opening finally replaces the squashed, Flash-intensive, design with a, erm, wider Flash-intensive design.

From Disney World Magic....
...to Walt Disney Magic!
The change is radical in some places — not only are pages finally allowed to “breathe” with a wider format, but the logo has finally thrown off that curvy corner enclosure it’s been stuck inside-of in so much print and advertising since as far back as 2006.

Because yes, in other areas it’s not too different — the menu options remain essentially the same, simply listed all on one line and presented using basic HTML rather than animated Flash as before, a big “no no” for accessibility these days.

And that old dependence on Flash-heavy pages? Still there. The entire home page, including the top menu buttons (which aren’t even animated) are rendered using this animation format, including a musical intro which doesn’t remember your “mute” preference. Perhaps just temporary?

So far, so good. And there’s hope for the future — thankfully, we’ve heard that new pages are being developed. Perhaps that main box on the new homepage, stating the CELEBRATE! is “landing on this website from August 13, 2011″ gives a clue as to when they’ll launch? Only a week left to wait and see.