Preparations are well underway for the resort’s 2011 “theme year”. As announced, it’ll be called Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic. Want a world exclusive, first-look at the logo and key advertising image? They’ve just opened in…

Here we go, the official logo of the Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic…!
As you can see, the design takes on a modern and very “CELEBRATE”-inspired design, with big, , red number for “5”, a banner “Celebrate Today” built out of… confetti and Mickey-shaped balloons!
Phew. Are you all celebrate-d out? Sorry, but there’s yet more…

Finally, here’s the key visual for the 5th Anniversary. As promised in the earlier reveal, parachutes are out. In 2011, it’s all about — erm… balloons!
One of the key visual simply features the top of Disneyland castle  with colorful balloons, similar to the classy alternative Year of a Million Dreams (minus the balloons, of course!) which became increasingly popular through that event.

Here are the past logos used for the  Disney Anniversaries:
What do you think on the 5th Anniversary logo? Let’s have scores out of 5!

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