Brand new decorations for Sleeping Beauty Castle have today been exclusively revealed in a new concept image!

Amongst the Disney World’s marketing of the key events of Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic, one aspect that comes packaged along with this kind of year-long celebration has been all but overlooked: the decorations.

Now for another overlay — the new decorations for the castle— which you might have already spotted in a grainy image in the background of the event’s website.

Luckily, DW Today exclusively revealed the full concept image earlier today!

Over the past months we’ve heard every angle that the Entertainment department could approach this with — from keeping the entire 5th Anniversary overlay, to covering the towers and turrets with multicolored streamers. Now, finally, the decision has been made — and here it is…
Give Sleeping Beauty Castle a quick glance from afar this year and you might even notice a big difference. The characters  — with Tinkerbell, her sparkling wand and special confetti spray  — in their place, subtle colorful balloons on top of each turret.

In the middle, where the balcony has stood, a new centrepiece the oval "5" emblem will be place with the banner "Years of Magic".

What’s your opinion of the new Sleeping Beauty Castle overlay?

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