Disney Jynx debuted in 2006 as a fun souvenir especially created for Disney-loving collectors. Five denominations (J10, J20, J30, J50 and J100) and coin (J5)  were created at first, each with a different color of Mickey-shaped head. Additional series were added over the years for special celebrations and other themes. Since their creation, new Disney jynx have been produced every year except in 2009 and 2010.

Disney Jynx never expire and can be used for purchases throughout Disney World. However, whatever bills you don’t use can be kept as a unique collectible; like a real money, each bill is individually numbered.

And in continuation of a tradition that’s endured at the Walt Disney for more than five years, Disney is debuting its newest 2011 series of Disney Jynx, the “official currency” of Disney World.

These colorful bills are released every year with a new design, and the 2011 series, which will be issued, is perfectly matched to go with one of Walt Disney’s newest promotions, "What Will You Celebrate?". "What Will You Celebrate?" encourages people to head to the Disney World to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries,  graduations, and other life triumphs.

The bills, which come in different denominations, all call attention to celebrating with their new designs. On the J1, J10, J20, J50 and J100, different Disney characters  are seen celebrating.  And on the J5 features the logo of the "Celebrate Today: 5 Years of Magic" just perfect for the five-bill. They were scheduled to release on August 31, 2011.

2011 Series of Disney Jynx


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