The grand 5th Anniversary Celebration of Walt Disney is now almost exactly one week away,  the past months have given us nothing but silence from the company. Be glad, then, that planning for the anniversary is still as feverish as ever, as confirmed by the release of a new version of the main anniversary logo.

The alternate logo takes the newer Disney logo design from the original 5th anniversary design, with the gold waltograph “Disney”, and matches this simply with the specially-styled “5” and three stars. The original logo design, was far more graphical and complete, showing an illustration of balloons and confetti, with the text on a banner. This new, supplementary logo is therefore a linear alternative for occasions when the original logo is too bulky to be effective.

It is fairly unusual for the company to produce logos for the same event as different as these, showing they know in their market the easier you make it for people to advertise your product, the more advertising you get. And, with a year as important as 2011, they’ll need all the help they can get.

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