Princess Aurora’s Christmas Wish is a brand new show on Central Plaza Stage starring Princess Aurora, Prince Philip and Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.  

A brand new magical moment awaits visitors at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle where Christmas will be celebrated every day during the festive season! While the Royal Court opens the ball, the three godmothers accompany Princess Aurora and Prince Philip who make their entrance accompanied by a guard of honour.

The royal couple waltz around the court while the godmothers, distracted as usual, argue over the colour of the castle. But finally they decided to pool their power, and with a wave of a magic wand  which eventually leads to a combination of all three, resulting into ice blue lit rooftops and twinkling green, blue and pink lights on the turrets and walls of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  

Finally Princess Aurora offers her Christmas wishes, thus ending this magical moment. Don't miss out on this spectacular Disney event! 




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