Now we’re well into October, thoughts are already on this year’s Halloween Time. And, though it's the first time Disney World will spooks to haunt, many brand new — you could say “Nightmarish” — ones creep out from the woodwork…

Here it is, the press release in full. We’ll be introducing Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Party in a separate article, and be sure to read below for a full re-cap of the news and much more information…

Halloween Time at Disney World

The logo - for this year's 'Halloween Time'
From 15th October to 1st November 2011, a spooktacular Halloween season comes to Disney World, guests are invited to discover the unmissable colorful Halloween season in Disney World that will be full of surprises. 
During the month long celebration, Disney will offer a range of new Halloween entertainment to make guests scream with laughter. The spirit of Halloween is up for grabs for the delight of all that will lead the fest which takes place on around Disney World, transformed in Halloweenland for the occasion.

Take 5: Disney's Halloween Time 

1. Disney's Walk of Fame - Maleficent from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty will be awarded a star in Disney's Walk of Fame.

2. Villains' Mix and Mingle - Classic Disney Villains  will take over, creating a spooky setting for Halloween mischief and mayhem. 

3. Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Parade - a special Halloween parade where the world of darkness meets the enchanted world in a fantastic twilight spectacular.

4.Disney's Nightmare in the Sky - a special fireworks display hosted by Maleficent at the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

5. Disney Villains Award 

This Halloween seems like a big success - we're having nightmares already!

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