Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil, is furious that she has never been invited to  Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. She is planning to unleash her darkest power and throw the hottest and most unexpected Halloween party ever. During Halloween Time, Maleficent will enchant Guests with new frightful fun scattered across the whole park. She has even set Sleeping Beauty’s Castle aflame, where the brand new “Nightmare in the Sky” Pyrotechnics Show will be staged during Disney’s Halloween.

As Walt Disney is celebrating its 5th anniversary celebration, they will be filling a whole year with new surprises and experiences. A new and unexpected Disney's Halloween Time to guests this year. "Nightmare in the Sky" is the first time the Walt Disneyland Park has redesigned the pyrotechnics show.

The Only Halloween Themed Pyrotechnics Show in Disney World 

Maleficent curses has instigated the first ever Halloween pyrotechnics show in Walt Disneyland called "Nightmare in the Sky" - as she unleashes her spirit of Sleeping Beauty Castle . Surrounded by her sinister laugh and ghostly music, Maleficent will conjure up her wicked magic and engulf the castle in thorns and flames, while she ignites the sky with a spooky pyrotechnics spectacular.

Full Video of "Nightmare in the Sky":

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