Today, we celebrate the birthday of the one and the only Mickey Mouse! This morning we also celebrate Duffy the Disney Bear coming to Mickey Zone World. Starting today you can now purchase your own Duffy at any  shopping location and will be able to take your picture with Duffy at his own photo location located in Mickey Avenue.
Duffy's stage is all set for his welcoming to Disney World!
Mickey and Minnie welcoming Duffy as the newest resident in Mickey Zone World.

Duffy Makes His Debut at the Mickey Zone World

Great news…Duffy the Disney Bear will be arriving at Mickey Zone World tomorrow but we have a sneak peek today for the DW Today readers. If you remember, I shared some first photos and drawings of Duffy, Mickey Mouse’s very own teddy bear. Now, we’ve got video of Duffy on his way to Mickey Zone World aboard the yacht that sails  at Disney World. Why, the yacht? Duffy is a sailor, after all.
On November 18, 2011 (Mickey's 83rd Birthday!) at Disney World, our newest character, Duffy the Disney Bear will make his much anticipated debut. But who’s Duffy you might ask? He’s Mickey’s very own teddy bear….made with love by Minnie herself.
You see, awhile ago, Mickey was about to set sail on an adventure to visit friends around the world. Minnie made a special gift to keep Mickey company and she presented it to Mickey in a duffle bag. Mickey, delighted with his gift, pulled out the gift, a very special bear, and named him Duffy. Mickey and Duffy embarked on many special voyages and Duffy got to meet all of Mickey’s friends. Each time they returned home, Mickey and Duffy would share their stories and photos with Minnie. While on their travels, Duffy and Mickey landed at Tokyo Disney Sea where they have been meeting and greeting fans for the past few years.

Duffy is not just your typical stuffed bear – he’s Mickey’s bear and he resembles his owner. Duffy’s face is shaped like Mickey’s, he has Mickey heads on his paws, and he has a very unique birthmark on his hip. There is no question who he belongs to.

We are very excited to welcome Duffy here in November 18 to join our character family.
Not only will guests get to meet Duffy and have their picture taken with him, but we will launch Duffy’s full line of costumes and souvenirs and even pre-dressed Duffys that will launch for special holidays like Christmas and other occasions. 

Duffy will be located at a newly created venue inside Mickey Zone World on Mickey Avenue.

I can’t wait for you to meet Duffy. He’s so loveable and huggable and I can’t wait to hear where you will take YOUR Duffy!!!!
The votes have been tallied and, last night at the Villains Mix and Mingle Victory Party, Cruella de Vil was named the victor in the race for the title of 'Baddest Villain of Them All'. The announcement took place in Sleeping Beauty Castle and the ceremony was rife with mischief and cheap tricks from all the Disney villains. While Cruellla de Vil may be the winner of this battle, all of the villains are evil in my book. 

Thanks for all your votes the past several weeks. True followers of the campaign know that Cruella de Vil started off with a healthy lead, and none of her opponents could ever catch up.

For those of you who voted for your favorite Disney villain, are you happy with the final outcome? Is Cruella de Vil truly the baddest Disney villain of them all?