In anticipation of her royal coronation ceremony at Kensington Palace on October 2, Rapunzel has arrived in London and is touring various historical locations this week. Her first stop is the Salt Tower at the Tower of London, where her hair can currently be spotted draping down, awaiting the arrival of her true love, Flynn Rider. She has promised to send along photos of her other stops in town this week, so be sure to check back right here for additional photos from the soon-to-be Disney Princess.

Although the ceremony at Kensington Castle is by invite only. On October 2, the public is invited to partake in the momentous event by viewing the Disney Princess procession as it marches from Queen’s Gate, beginning at 1 pm GMT. For more information and to obtain a copy of the map, visit the official Rapunzel Royal Celebration page.

Here’s where we’ve spotted Rapunzel so far:
09/26 Monday - Rapunzel has been sited at the Tower of London!
09/27 Tuesday - Rapunzel is out again, this time visiting one of England's best markets!
09/28 Wednesday - Rapunzel admires the Tower Bridge during her sightseeing adventure before the Royal Celebration!
09/29 Thursday - Rapunzel poses in front of Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Square!
09/30 Friday - Rapunzel visited London' iconic landmark on Westminster Bridge by "Big Ben"
***September 30 was the final day of sightseeing for our princess in waiting! Rapunzel will now prepare for her Royal Celebration this Sunday!
Photos courtesy of Disney Living
Disney will officially welcome Rapunzel as the 10th Disney Princess character at a high profile, star-studded celebration, to take place in front of a global audience on October 2, 2011. Little princesses from across the globe will watch Rapunzel be welcomed into the Disney Princess royal court by Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White and Tiana.
In a world first, Kensington Palace, London, UK, was chosen by Disney as the perfect location for this magical welcoming ceremony of a Disney Princess, as it has been the home of many real life princesses over the centuries.

“Once Rapunzel becomes an official member of the Disney Princess court, she will be celebrated and recognized as such across Disney, and will be included in all Disney Princess products featuring multiple characters, in addition to her own merchandise line. Plus, across all Disney Parks, Rapunzel will for the first time wear her royal tiara, stolen from the kingdom by Flynn Rider in the Tangled.” said Mary Beech, vice president of girls franchise development and marketing at Disney Consumer Products. “With London knowing a thing or two about bringing royal celebrations to a worldwide audience, it seemed only fitting for the city to become the stage for the celebration to welcome Rapunzel into our own Disney Princess royal court. We are inviting girls from across the globe to welcome each Disney Princess character to the Palace and celebrate with Rapunzel on her special day.”

Independent charity Historic Royal Palaces has joined with Disney to help stage the event, in a collaboration that aims to encourage children all over the world to explore the stories behind the real kings, queens, princes and princesses alongside Disney’s. “Our aim is to help everyone explore the stories of how monarchs and other royals have shaped society, in some of the greatest palaces ever built,” said Ruth Gill, Head of Interpretation at Historic Royal Palaces. “Kensington Palace has always been a place of spectacle, beauty and majesty, and home to many inspirational real-life Princesses. We are therefore delighted to celebrate our relationship with Disney by hosting this magical event that will welcome Rapunzel as the 10th member of the Disney Princess royal court.”

All ten Disney Princess characters will take part in the royal celebration and will be joined by VIPs, celebrities and little princesses from across the globe in festivities including a procession through Hyde Park, party activities and a welcoming ceremony.

Each Disney Princess character has a unique story that empowers girls to imagine and live their very own fairy tales. Rapunzel is a modern heroine — she may have lived her entire life locked inside a hidden tower but Rapunzel is no damsel in distress. The girl with 70 feet of glowing, magical hair is an energetic, inquisitive young lady who fills her days with art, books and imagination. She is full of curiosity about the outside world and can’t help but feel her true destiny lies outside of the lonely tower walls.

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As part of "Disney Fairies in Pixie Hollow", the Walt Disneyland park's signature centerpiece "Sleeping Beauty Castle" was illuminated for the first time.
Tinker Bell will shower the castle with her magical fairy dust, transforming it into Tinker Bell’s Pixie Dusted Castle". By day, it glistens as the golden pixie dust sparkles and shimmers in the sun. By night, it magically illuminates, making it one of the most photogenic icons in the Park.

Now, check out the complete Tinkerbell Castle Illumination show video below:
Who could resist a fairy adventure prepared in Disney World by none other than Tinkerbell?
In an opening ceremony staged in Pixie Hollow, Tinkerbell and other Disney Fairies welcomed guests to create a rousing launch to the celebration. This week, we held the "Disney Fairies in Pixie Hollow" at the Disney World and there’s more fun to come. This 3-Day celebration, you’ll find some special surprises throughout so be sure and check our post for details.
Tinkerbell received the 10th star in Disney's Walk of Fame

Take 5: Disney Fairies in Pixie Hollow

1. Disney's Walk of Fame - Tinkerbell was presented a star in Disney's Walk of Fame by Walt Disney Company to honor her achievements.
2. Tinkerbell films - As we celebrate a special occasion, Disney will show the 3-films featuring Tinkerbell as well as the other fairies; Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, & Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.
3. Pixie Hollow online game - An online game experience where you can explore Pixie Hollow.
4. Disney Fairies Tea Party - Guests have the opportunity to meet and greet Tinkerbell and other fairies from the franchise, as well as dine with them.
5. Pixie Hollow - An upcoming attraction to be build in Fantasyland in part of the major refurbishment of Walt Disneyland.
Tinker Bell first became a Disney character in the 1953 animated film ``Peter Pan,'' depicted as a winged pixie with a very womanly figure. She who has evolved from a supporting character to an iconic figure in the Disney empire, will receive the 10th star on the Disney's Walk of Fame on Sunday, September 18.

The ceremony will be held the as the same date that animated film "Tinker Bell" released on 2008.
 Tinker Bell has been one of Disney's most important branding icons for over half a century, and is generally known as "a symbol of 'the magic of Disney''.

She will join Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Aurora, Nemo with stars on the Disney's Walk of Fame.

3 years after the original dedication on a live television broadcast, Disney World was rededicated in a moving ceremony on Mickey Zone World. The September 13 event included the Mickey Mouse, media, and guests all over the Disney World. Walt Disney Company  President Mickey Mouse welcomed the crowd at night. Standing in front of the Disney Unisphere which is the replica of Disney World, he then delivered the speech:

        "Disney World is a tribute to the philosophy and life of Walt Disney… and to the talents, the dedication, and the loyalty of the entire Disney organization that made Walt Disney’s dreams come true. May Disney World bring Joy and Inspiration and New Knowledge to all who come to this happy place… a magical world where the young at heart of all ages can laugh and play and learn – together. Rededicated this 13th day of September, 2011"

Following the dedication,  Mickey revealed the upcoming and future plans to Disney World. With the recent refurbishment made to Mickey Zone World, two 'new' theme parks is already planned: one is the on-going construction of Disney Playland and the planned construction of Disney Cruise Line both will be located in Pacific Wharf. Disney Village is now ready to begin sometimes in October or November. Three 'All-Star' vacation resorts were already planned. These are: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort in Golden State, Disney's All-Star Music Resort in Grizzly Peak and Disney's All-Star Sports Resort in Downtown. It was also revealed today that Walt Disneyland will be having a major refurbishments and expansions after the 5th anniversary of the park in 2012.

To know more about these upcoming plans, tune in here at DW Today for the latest updates.

(09-10-11) Walt Disney kicked off its 5th anniversary celebration with an elaborate media event and ceremony in front of a newly decorated  Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The heartwarming and nostalgic event at Walt Disneyland was hosted by Mickey Mouse, the one who started it all.

In a spectacle featuring past theme songs, as well as speeches from Walt Disney Company president Mickey Mouse and honorary Kevin Garon, the "Celebrate Today" welcomed visitors young and old to return and share Disney memories once again.
Stepping up onto the stage, Mickey announced “Hello everyone! I am very happy to welcome you all here today to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Please, give a very warm welcome to our special guest – Miss Andie MacDowell!”

Mickey Mouse, President of the Walt Disney Company, spoke of the milestone of Disney's 5th anniversary and how Walt Disney's legacy was kept alive.

During the ceremony, the 5th anniversary celebration theme song "Celebrate You" was performed.

Finally, to conclude the ceremony, Disney Honorary 5th Anniversary Ambassador Kevin Garon, who starred in Walt Disney at the age of 14, introduced and narrated a segment that speaks to the audience about the magic of Walt Disney.

A new promotion was also launched sharing a very special invitation. Disney World provides the perfect setting to give everyone special moments on their special day by asking one simple question, "What will you Celebrate?"

Then, as in a conclusion to Disney's 5th anniversary celebration, a new parade has been streamed out. Celebrate! A Dream Come True Parade has finally introduced._
After the Disney characters had arrived, Disney's 5th anniversary celebration is now ready to begin after everyone declared "CELEBRATE TODAY"
As the 4th Anniversary came to a close after eight months, what’s on the horizon? A whole new celebration! From September  2011, Celebrate Today will take over Disney World. And the party starts… here!

Partly a commemoration of the Walt Disney hitting 5 years old, partly another excuse to decorate the park and introduce some brand new entertainment, Celebrate Today will be a brand new year-long event taking over and introducing new decorations, new shows, a new parade-event and a whole new attraction.

The theme is bright — balloons, characters and color — and fully intended to feel as fresh and new as possible.

The Launch Date

Speaking of which — when does Celebrate Today really launch? The first publications stated 20th August 2011, whilst other 27th August, then 1st September and 3rd September.  Those are the unofficial launch dates, then there’s the actual launch/kick-off, the press preview, when these events really begin rolling into the Disney World— which seems to be set on Saturday, September 10, 2011.
Save the date! (09-10-11)